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Rexx Rug

… is Chicago’s full-service floor covering store carrying all major brands in all product categories: wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs, hardwood, stone, porcelain, ceramic, and more.

We know what you’re thinking: “So what?”

In our view, there really is just one question you should be asking  …


With all due modesty, let us count the ways:

Ask a Pro

Do you have a friend who is an architect? How about a designer, or a Realtor, or a contractor? Where do you think these folks go for floor covering?

Do you know about Angie’s List, where we are consistently highly rated and where we have frequently won their Super Service Award? Check us out: you will hear good things.

REXX RUG Exclusives

in stock special purchases

Most sales on in-stock carpet are either small discounts or poor offerings; the leftovers. Rexx offers the best qualities and for a lot less every day, often at close to the regular wholesale price.

In residential carpet we have wool carpets that are hand-loomed in India, plus many other wool broadloom carpets that are typically made for or available only at Rexx Rug in the Chicago area. We are not talking about just a few items, but rather a large selection of in-stock carpets.

On the commercial side it is the same: top-quality carpets you will find only at Rexx Rug deeply discounted from the regular price.

Honest, Fair, Professional

It’s sad to say that this is one of the things that make us “special,” but consider:

  • We have no fake sales, no free installation or free room of carpet. We would not insult your intelligence in this way. (We do have real sales.)
  • We have no commission salespeople pushing to sell what will make them the best commission. To the contrary, our highly informed sales staff will direct you to the right products for your needs.
  • We do no expensive advertising (cable TV, Sunday circulars) which ultimately you must pay for. Since we do so little advertising we live by word of mouth from happy customers.

It will be an owner who comes to your home to measure, estimate and advise to ensure that you wind up with the best possible end product.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

The Schaye family has been operating out of the same Chicago location on Lincoln Avenue for 50 years. We have relationships with suppliers, customers and employees that go back decades. If it has been some time since you last visited us, very likely you will still see the same faces. We take the long view, meaning: we want to make you happy today so that you will come back to us the next time.

You’ll Have Fun

(and you may fall in love!)

We at Rexx like to have a good time and we hope you do, too. Shopping for flooring does not have to be painful. In fact, we pride ourselves on how easy we make it for our customers. But beware: as you browse we may show you something you just can’t do without. We have a selection you will find nowhere else including many “to die for” products.

S. Julian Custom Area Rugs

A good quality area rug can be a big investment, so why compromise? Why not get EXACTLY the size you need, the colors you want, the perfect scale of design, the perfect border. We will make it for you. In wool, silk and other natural materials, both domestic and imported, hand-knotted, hand-tufted, pass machine, etc. The possibilities are limitless with S. Julian, available exclusively at Rexx Rug … and for a lot less money than you might think.

It’s Easy Being Green

Is your interest indoor air quality? Recycling? Carbon footprint? Sustainability? We have the expertise to serve you and all the right products: wool carpet, cork flooring, natural linoleum, recycled glass, bamboo, and much more, including the top brands such as Solida, Marmoleum.