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The best brands

Rexx Rug sells hardwood from Kahrs, BR 111, Armstrong, and Mirage. All species and categories of wood flooring are represented, including floating floors, engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. We're among a select set of dealers to offer EcoTimber® to the Chicago area!

Kahrs, our main wood supplier, is a Swedish company that manufactures very beautiful wood plank flooring in a variety of species that are all installed "floating." Kahrs wood is made with extreme precision that, when properly installed, will have no ledging or misaligned boards. The floor will be very flat and smooth and will remain that way because of the excellent stability of this laminated flooring product.

Kahrs is made a full 5/8" thick with an extra heavy top layer that can be lightly refinished at least two times. This is an important advantage over other pre-finished woods that have thinner top layers which cannot be refinished.


Our selection is our strength. If you are interested in environmentally-friendly "green" hardwood, or exotic woods, or woods that can be installed over concrete or below-grade, we have it all.


Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is certainly the most versatile floor and wall covering. Manufactured from clay and mineral products, it is an all natural material that, when properly installed, can last a lifetime. Ceramic tile is one of the oldest decorating materials, dating back 18,000 years. The raw material is mixed and formed to its final shape in a mold under extreme pressure. Then the material is fired (either glazed or unglazed) in a kiln at temperatures over 2000º which hardens the tile's body and fuses the glaze.

Ceramics in beautiful patterns and colors are available in extremely durable tiles which are waterproof and fireproof. They can be used as a backsplash behind counters and stoves, on fireplace hearths and wall surrounds, and as a floor and wall covering in the shower. Natural rustic patterns are now very popular, most of which carry a Class IV rating, recommended for use in any residential and many commercial applications. Many of these tiles can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Porcelain and quarry tile

Porcelain tile is an extremely hard and durable product that is made from material similar to chinaware and fired at extreme temperatures (2500ºF). Unglazed Quarry tile is made from natural clays and shale. Quarry is both thick and dense and generally has good slip resistance. These tiles, both beautiful and very strong, are often used in heavily traveled commercial areas.

Stone tile and more

Rexx also carries marble, granite, limestone and slate tiles. Plus, we specialize in "green" environmentally-friendly flooring products, including cork tile, Marmoleum and EcoTimber®.

Rexx Rug has a beautiful tile showroom featuring displays from a number of manufacturers. The floor of our showroom is covered with different custom installations so our customers can see a few design possibilities.